Sunday, 14 August 2011

More woolly delights

I think I might be getting.... addicted to crochet! 

Not only have I already taken delivery of a lovely big stash of wool from an online order, I also could not help but treat myself to further balls of wool yesterday.

Here is my amigurumi mushroom man with circles of felt for his spots...

And my very thereputic-to-make giant granny square (hmmm, yes it is a bit bright and random colours but hey, it's my first one I'm just allowing the wool to flow! :)) I was going to do separate squares and sew them together but found myself not carrying on quite happily without casting off the first one. Hopefully I have enough wool to make it into a nice big blanket...

Have just started reading this book which I spotted on Amazon which looks like a nice easy escapist read. Really wish there was more time in the day to indulge in all these things. I could quite happily spend a few days off just reading a crocheting (in the sun would be even better)

Enjoy the rest of the Sunday (we do actually have sun here today which makes a change!)


Monday, 1 August 2011

Crochet and colours

Hello lovely bloggers, I hope that you enjoyed this lovely weekend and Monday of sunny of weather it's so nice to have a bit of a U turn from that cold rainy spell.

It has been a few weeks since my last post but among other things I have been indulging in my new found crochet fixation...

I have finally finished my 'amigurumi' chick -  think I am getting used to the keeping count of stitches when following the patterns now (found it a bit tricky at first). And above is a pic of the amigurumi mouse that I made - it's a very good beginners project and quick to make once you have learnt the basic stitches. It's a good job I have a new baby niece to make things for - brilliant excuse! ;)

My first granny square! So chuffed about this as I always used to look at granny squares in awe as they look very difficult to make (not when you know how! :) mind you, I think I would need to check the 'how to' book again when I do my next one, heheh.

Next on my project list is a phone holder for my new phone which I received a couple of weeks ago. Found this pattern in a old crochet magazine with tea stains on it...

Think I might use these colours...

Spotted a red strawberry in the pot this morning... wish I had a few more though.

Had a look through one of my fave websites - BBC Good Food, for some Strawberry recipes, and thought these Strawberry and Vanilla Shortcakes looks yummy (although don't think I could solely rely on my tiny supply of strawberries to make them). Might try them next weekend!

Also in the garden...after two years of waiting I actually have flowers on my passion flower tree! I love the way they have so much detail on them...

Can't wait until my chillis are fully grown. These ones look like they will be quite small but hopefully that means they will be hotter.

Must remember to keep watering them though the poor little blighters dry up quite quickly...

Enjoy the rest of your weeks!

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