Monday, 13 December 2010

A bit of Christmas baking and trying to get organised...

Hello all! I hope that you had good weekends. It has been so nice to have today off work (although it's disappearing alarmingly quickly), and I have trying to fill in the precious time with doing a bit of baking and trying to get organised.
Due to my tendancy to be rather forgetful, I have decided that I need to be a lot more organised and pour more of my efforts into getting things done.
So, I have begun by throwing some money at the problem! Well, it's a step in the right direction.

Here are the little things that I have bought, my goodness has it made me feel a lot better, isn't it funny what a bit of retail therapy can do?

Some little Cath Kidston notebooks/journals (one for handbag/one for bedside table/one for... well, just a spare one)

A Cath Kidston 2011 diary...

I love this diary, it has a little plastic zipper pocket at the back to hold little notes/receipts/prescriptions etc

Ok, this is a bit of an extravegance because there are plenty of bic biros floating around our house, but I couldn't resist this Emma Bridgewater pen which provides a constant reminder to make lists!

And a cute little Emma Bridgewater concertina file decorated with beautiful red hearts.

This is a picture from my Nigella Christmas book, where there is a lovely recipe for some Christmas Chocolate biscuits.

Very easy to make you just throw it all together, and add some sprinkles on top after baking them in the oven for 15 mins.

I can't stop looking at the adorable candy cane glass in this picture!! Not sure where you can get these? I am completely in love with it!

Here are the ones that I made yesterday, although they do not look quite as nice as Nigella's they are rather moreish. Also, Nigella used green red and white 'Christmas sprinkles' which can be bought from Jane Asher online but I could only find the standard hundreds and thousands in Sainsburys.

I don't normally get carried away with Christmas card paintings, but thought these cards that I bought over the weekend were so intricate and atmospheric that I wanted to share them with you. Almost wish I could be transported into the beautiful cozy Christmas scenes....

A sweet little traditional shopping scene....

How cozy is that little house...?!

Almost tempted to frame them!

Have a lovely rest of the day everyone



  1. I strive to be organised every year. I'm not sure, however, that it ever happens. ahah!

  2. I think they would look lovely framed.
    Love all your purchases,and I think your biscuits look just as good as Nigella's if not better!I'll look out for that candy glass for you. :0)

  3. Ooh I think I might try to be a little bit more organised, if it means I can treat myself to all those beautiful goodies. I have dropped quite a few hints for some lovely Cath Kidston treats for xmas, heres hoping someone took the hint.xx

  4. Lovely pictures of lovely things! I think the notebooks, pen and file organiser are great ideas and something I need too! I love the Christmas cards, they are so evocative and magical.
    Helen x

  5. Oh I have a CK diary for next year - I now want a pen like that to go with it!!

    Gorgeous cards :)

  6. ohhhhh those cards would be lovely framed they depict christmas past so well there lovely. And your biscuits look yummy to simple idea but they look fab. Have a lovely week. Dee x

  7. Oh, you can't fail to be more organised now, after buying those lovely things! Love the pen!

  8. Oh, those chocolate biscuits look delicious, and Emma, from Land of Emma, just gave me a recipe for them, so I can't wait to try them soon! We are hitting daytime temperatures as low as the teens right now, so it's the perfect time for baking!.. This is my first time here. I crochet, so I love your granny square background! Best wishes for lots of holiday fun for you and yours in the days ahead! ~tina

  9. Sarah you're so in the festive spirit swing of things, I fear I need to get my groove on! Your biscuits looked absolutely gorgeous and delicious by the way. Nigella is airing here at the moment, and the woman doesn't set a foot wrong does she?! I'm fan!! That concertina file is so pretty that you'd never think it could hold bills. I'd reserve it only for inspiring things!! Sonia :)

  10. I have decided to take a leaf out of your book and start organising myself lots of lovely little goodies; am sure it will get me feeling Christmassy in no time ;)

  11. Those cards are fabulous! I love the idea of framing them. You could create a collage on the wall! ~Val

  12. What wondeful purchases,all so pretty and colourful, I love treating myself the odd time with something small like one of those :) You have a lovely blog, I'll be stopping by from now on :)

    All things nice...

  13. I agree that those cards should be framed. I dont want to rain on your parade, but speaking from many years of experience, fabulous staionery will not make you more organised - but you will have fabulous staionery!! (I have tons of it!!!). xxxxx

  14. Oh such lovely things! I try to be organised every year...and fail!
    Have a lovely day and thank you for the Wilson love!
    Rachel x


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