Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rita the Knitted Rabbit

Hello all, let me introduce you to my first knitted rabbit toy which has taken me since the summer to reach this stage! (Partly because for a while I thought I had lost the magazine pattern so for a couple of months there were various unfinished rabbit boy parts lying around much to the perplexment of my other half, hehe).

She does currently remain unfinished and, ahem, un-clothed the poor thing so it's now on to the dress before she gets cold, although I first have to work out how to do 'yfwd' stitch first as I haven't done that one yet. Hopefully it turns out as per the picture...

I was flicking through all my craft book collections today and remembered that I had this new 'Patch!' book from Cath Kidston that I still hadn't done anything with yet... I don't normally buy books at full price when they are always loads cheaper on Amazon, but on this occasion I did because I managed to get it signed by the lady herself.

As I work near Selfridges and Cath was doing her book signing in there soon after I finished work I though 'why not' and actually had a little chat with her about fabrics and sewing which was fab! Worth paying full price for I think.

You get a little fabric kit with the book so you can make your own bag or cushion out of patchwork.

Such gorgeous prints....

Some lovely pictures and projects in there...

I really love this picture showing the combination of printed fabric appliqued on to knitted sweet.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!



  1. How lucky to get your book signed by the lady herself :) I've actually made my project from that book and another based on it - definately the best book of her yet :)

    Love the rabbit too - however she does need a dress pdq - its good very cold ;)

  2. I love your knitted bunny. She is really cute. Love the book and signed how special. A real keepsake and fabric too, I will have to look for that on amazon. Enjoy your week. Can't wait to see bunny's dress. xoRobin❤

  3. Rabbit is brilliant! So impressed, it looks just like the one in the illustration. I'm sure you'll have no trouble making her a frock (Or you could always mix media and sew her one?)

  4. aahhh Sarah i love your bunnie how cute is she ;-)) Those feet of hers are adorable, well done you ;-) Can't wait to see her finished. Have a lovely week, dee x

  5. Aww thats a lovely rabbit Sarah! Well done on first knitted toy. You'll need to make her a playmate after you finish the dress! :) xx

  6. Love the little bunny,you have made her so well.
    Hope she gets her dress's cold out there!
    Hope you have a lovely week. :0)

  7. Popped over from Dee Dee's, having seen your comment re Kirstie's book.I got a copy from TKMaxx/Homesense for £12.99 instead of 20 quid! Bargain!
    How fab to meet Cath K. Love those yo-yo(?) patches. Must learn how to make them, one day.
    Z xx

  8. Your rabbit is so adorable...just like the pattern picture! I love the look of the fabric sewn on the knitted material as well!

  9. Love the knitted bunny. V. Cute!
    And how fab is that to have a signed copy of Patch. This book is currently on my wish list :-)
    Have a good weekend. Emma xx

    Ps. Thank you for following my blog xx

  10. How lovely to have a signed copy! You lucky ducky!

    The rabbit is so cute!
    Olly my husband is knitting a scarf as we speak!
    For me!


  11. Fab rabbit ,really cute.
    Don't you just love Cath Kidston!well worth the money for a signed copy and I wonder how many people would like a conversation with the lady herself about fabrics.

    XX Manda XX

  12. The knitted rabbit is sooo cute! A really sweet pattern. How exciting to meet Cath K and get your book signed too! Enjoy your crafty week.
    Helen x

  13. Oooooooh............comment il est mignon votre lapin!!! :O) j`adore lire votre blog il est toujour tres interesent et jolie!!!!!!!!!! :O)
    Have a nice day!!!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  14. Hi,
    I have also bought this book. I have not made anything from it yet as I am still enjoying just looking at the pages.


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