Saturday, 14 May 2011

Getting to grips with zips

Hello everyone on this sunny (ish) Saturday!

Over the past few weeks, when I get a few moments to indulge in a bit of sewing and fabricky things, I've been having a go at making a little felt purse with an applique flowers.

I finally managed to understand the whole zip thing and have a pile of very wonky practice purses which were made along the way.

It took me about 3 goes to realise I wasn't using the zipper foot but some other foot that was meant to be for something else entirely! (not sure what), but now I am using the correct one so I am zipping away a bit more confidently now.

It didn't take me as long to work it out as the buttonhole thing but that's another story...

I love combining felt and vintage style fabric...

So I thought I would make a few more using different colour schemes! (Still to be finished as you will see - a little job for this weekend I think...)

Other things that I am loving this week include my little hanging plant pot which I spotted last winter in the wimbledon car boot sale (£2 it was... Ooh, I do love a car boot sale)

 I decided to put a strawberry plant in it from last year...

(I didn't realise that strawberries were perennial until I realised they hadn't died over the winter and now they are growing again, hoorah!)

I never fail to be amazed by my Passion Flower which is now (as you will see) growing very fast up the drainpipe at the side of my house. I was given some seedlings by a friend a couple of years ago and it really is super speedy. All I have done is put it in a medium sized pot too - amazing!

For the first time ever I can also see flowers emerging  - can't wait to see them in full bloom.

They look very much like leaves at the moment so they are a bit difficult to spot (hope they are flowers actually.. maybe they are not!!)

My courgette plants are growing too and have big yellow flowers

My trusty chive plant flowers... there is a little bug on this one...

And my oregano is now outside and growing away (if a bit slowly). Smells lovely though.

I love growing things from seed - I know this may sound a bit silly but it's if they are my babies and when I get home from work I have to go and check everything and go backwards and forwards watering them etc etc!!

I don't think daisies should be classed as weeds.... think I'll mow around them next time.

Hope the weather perks up today I have my sights set on a barbecue!

Have a good weekend everyone
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