Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rita the Knitted Rabbit

Hello all, let me introduce you to my first knitted rabbit toy which has taken me since the summer to reach this stage! (Partly because for a while I thought I had lost the magazine pattern so for a couple of months there were various unfinished rabbit boy parts lying around much to the perplexment of my other half, hehe).

She does currently remain unfinished and, ahem, un-clothed the poor thing so it's now on to the dress before she gets cold, although I first have to work out how to do 'yfwd' stitch first as I haven't done that one yet. Hopefully it turns out as per the picture...

I was flicking through all my craft book collections today and remembered that I had this new 'Patch!' book from Cath Kidston that I still hadn't done anything with yet... I don't normally buy books at full price when they are always loads cheaper on Amazon, but on this occasion I did because I managed to get it signed by the lady herself.

As I work near Selfridges and Cath was doing her book signing in there soon after I finished work I though 'why not' and actually had a little chat with her about fabrics and sewing which was fab! Worth paying full price for I think.

You get a little fabric kit with the book so you can make your own bag or cushion out of patchwork.

Such gorgeous prints....

Some lovely pictures and projects in there...

I really love this picture showing the combination of printed fabric appliqued on to knitted sweet.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!


Monday, 14 November 2011

A long weekend...

Hello all, I had a day off work yesterday which was lovely... a perfect opportunity to indulge in a bit of blogging (at last), sewing and baking!

I finished off my applique tea towel... (a pattern from one of my fave books Cath Kidstons Sew!), plucked some more of my chillies from the garden (the ones in the photo have been drying on my kitchen windowsill for the last few weeks so that's why they look a bit shrivelled - much hotter that way though!), made some banana bread (no pics as the light was not great but I have made it before here - it is completely delicious and so easy to make)  and tried to teach myself how to freehand embroider on my sewing machine (which didn't quite work out as expected and I even broke a needle but hey ho)

Here is my chilli plant... still alive which I find quite amazing..

And my finished tea-towel...

Still creased even though I ironed it within an inch of it's life! That's linen for you though, eh.

On Saturday I had a brilliant day at the Country Living Christmas Fair in Islington with my lovely friend Lakota from Faith Hope and Charity Shopping. It was a bit of a last minute thing as I got some free tickets somehow that were posted through my door and very gratefully received! Must have entered something I forgot about, but it was nice to finally offer one to Lakota as she is normally the one offering me free tickets to these things!hehe.
Anyway, I was quite good on the spending side of things and didn't go too mad at all (VERY easy to do when you are surrounded by all these gorgeous things). It was just nice to be there to be honest.

I spotted some vintage style Christmas cake decorations which I have had my eye on for ages (as mentioned in my post around this time last year! Good grief how was that a year ago...)

And a very Christmassy Orange and Cinnamon smelling candle...

 Wow, I was restrained with the shopping! Definitely provided lots of festive inspiration...

It's good to be back blogging again!
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