Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Biscuit bears and crochet blanket update

Hello lovely bloggers... in honour of Valentines Day yesterday I couldn't resist these two Mr and Mrs Bear biscuits in Sainsburys at the weekend. I do love an occasion it must be said! Always such a good excuse to get an extra bottle of wine, or indeed a biscuit or two, hehe...

My crochet blanket is very slowly coming along, and although it only gets attention only once in a while, I have got to that nice stage where I can fold it into quarters (making it look bigger than it actually is) and take some lovely pictures of the yummy (if a little bit clashing) colours...

I think it must be a symptom of getting older but I sometimes seem to forget about little crafty projects that I am halfway through and find them sometime a few months later! I found this little half finished crochet purse a couple of days ago which needs folding up and sewing together...

Think it would look quite cute if it was lined with some vintagey fabric in corduroy or brushed cotton...

We had some snow left in the garden this weekend... hasn't it been just sooo freezing the last few weeks!

It's amazing though how the signs of Spring are starting to emerge against the elements... can't wait to see the flowers on my Camelia plant...

And these white hyacinth... love the fragrance of these...

Hurry up Spring!

Hope you are all keeping warm...



  1. The blanket is looking lovely - at least it's still chilly enough to be making it, you won't want to be making on your lap once Summer gets here! x

  2. Your blanket is looking gorgeous i love bright colours. What a lovely lovely little purse be great lined in one of those pretty fabrics to. We didn't get any snow but its been nice to see everyone elses ;-) Happy crocheting. dee x

  3. Sweet little valentine bears! Your crochet blanket is gorgeous, I love all the bright colours they look so yummy together. And I sooo agree....hurry up spring!
    Helen x

  4. The blanket colours are so cheery. So are the fabrics for lining the purse, really adorable floral print. Isn't it a treat to re-discover a half-finished project? Like a surprise you give yourself :)
    Have fun!

  5. Hi Sarah

    Sweet little biscuits - look to good to eat!

    Love your crochet blanket, the colours are gorgeous!

    I have plenty of half forgotten half finished projects too, although I have managed to finish a few off this year - one of my resolutions you see!

    Happy crafting Sarah!
    Gill xx

  6. Hi Sarah!
    Votre biscuit sont tres jolie et j`espere que il sont etait tres bon!!! :O) Et jelie otcouture moi meme j`adore kniting!! :O)
    With love from Moscow!!!
    xxx Maria xxx


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