Sunday, 14 August 2011

More woolly delights

I think I might be getting.... addicted to crochet! 

Not only have I already taken delivery of a lovely big stash of wool from an online order, I also could not help but treat myself to further balls of wool yesterday.

Here is my amigurumi mushroom man with circles of felt for his spots...

And my very thereputic-to-make giant granny square (hmmm, yes it is a bit bright and random colours but hey, it's my first one I'm just allowing the wool to flow! :)) I was going to do separate squares and sew them together but found myself not carrying on quite happily without casting off the first one. Hopefully I have enough wool to make it into a nice big blanket...

Have just started reading this book which I spotted on Amazon which looks like a nice easy escapist read. Really wish there was more time in the day to indulge in all these things. I could quite happily spend a few days off just reading a crocheting (in the sun would be even better)

Enjoy the rest of the Sunday (we do actually have sun here today which makes a change!)



  1. i am loving crochet too at the moment but find myself staring at the wool in the shop not knowing what to choose, where did you buy yours on line? my latest project is only three colours so can't wait to try something a bit more colourful like your granny square blanket!
    that book looks a good read might just have to pop over to amazon for a little retail therapy! enjoy your sunny sunday

  2. Gorge yarn colours. I`m addicted to crochet too.
    That book is great you will really enjoy it.

  3. Crochet is dreadfully addictive, love your mushroom!!

    I've just got that book from the library!!

    S x

  4. Oooh how cute is your mushroom - gorgeous xx

  5. Loving the blanket - I'm doing a giant granny one too - although mines only 3 colours. Perhaps the next one will be a full on rainbow one :)

    Off to Amazon - that book looks tempting.

  6. That book looks great, looks as though everyone has beaten me to it though as there are none to buy on Amazon, I shall add it to my reading list of books I'd like to read. Love the toadstool he is very cute xxx

  7. I love your crochet, it's so colourful, and you have lots of lovely wool certainly is addictive isn't it?? I love the toadstool you made too - very cute! Will look out for the book, I think I would enjoy it too. Have a great week.
    Helen x

  8. Wow your blanket is looking great and its so lovely and neat i love the colours ;-)) wish you could teach me. The book looks interesting to happy reading and crocheting ;-)) dee x

  9. Love the little mushroom man! It reminds me of something from Mario Kart, my sister would love it. I see you went and bought the yarn too! Lovely isn't it? Love your giant granny square - very colourful. xx

  10. what beautiful colours - all those wools together look a delight. xx

  11. I like the bright random colours, it looks beautiful. And so neat too. I am going to kidnap you so that you can remind me what to do. Love mr Toadstool - Nikki is right, he's very Mario.

    ps. looks like we might be moving house soon x

  12. I love getting stuff online but sometimes I feel guilty -I think I get way too much-your wool is lovelyI still wish I could crochet

  13. that book does look like my kind of book x

  14. that book does look like my kind of book x

  15. Love your crochet projects - the little toadstool is sooooo cute!

    Im doing my first ever big granny stripe throw at the moment and loving it!


  16. lovely crochet. read this book in the summer, escapism indeed, enjoy...

  17. MAGNIFIQUE ET MIGNON champignons!!! :O)
    Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O)
    xxx Maria XXX


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