Sunday, 16 January 2011

A homemade home for the sewing needles....

Hello lovelies, just a quick post to share some pics of the little needlecase that I made yesterday. This is also in contribution to the Monthly Make Challenge which is hosted by Annie in her fabulous blog The Felt Fairy.

So incredibly handy - I didn't actually realise just how much I needed a new needlecase until I had made it and started putting all my needles in their new home. Up until now they have sort of been scattered in different locations and some still in their original packaging ... so it's nice to feel a little tiny bit more organised... (just need to tackle the storage issue for all my other things now!)

 I found this vintage chinzty fabric from my little stash of fat quarters and love all the pinks and purples and blues... sigh, I could look at lovely fabrics all day...

We have been indulging in more recipes from the brilliant new 'Kitchen' book by Nigella. If you do own a copy and haven't made the Mexican Lasagne yet... it is lovely! We made this yesterday evening and would highly recommend. I did get questioned as to why we were cooking a meal that was supposed to be for eight people when there were only two of us, but the whole beauty of this (says Nigella) is that it tastes even better the next day. So we are having it tonight too! hehe

We also made the avocado salsa to go with the lasagne and it was just as yummy...

I hope that you are all having good weekends, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



  1. Your needle case is lovely.Nice to be able to have them all in one place and easy to find the one you want.
    I got that book for Xmas too,but havn't tried any recipes from it yet.You can't go wrong with Nigella! :0)

  2. That is one gorgeous needlecase ;-) What a lovely piece of fabric so fresh and warm to. Well done you. Dee x

  3. I love the fabric you used!

    I have Nigella's Kitchen book but yet to play around with any of the recipes! I'll have to give the lasagne a try!

    Victoria xx

  4. Your needle case is lovely and I love the colours! x

  5. Love the colours of the fabric - so uplifting. I haven't got Nigella's cookbook, I might have to slip that into my Amazon basket!

  6. The needlecase is adorable! What a great way to keep them organized. ~Val

  7. Love the funky 70's fabric - it's lovely! Enjoying your blog :-)

  8. The little blue needle case is just gorgeous! The recipes look lovely too, very tasty. Love your bright and cheerful blog.
    Helen x

  9. This needle case is absolutely adorable. I want to make one now! So glad to have happened by your creative blog today. ;-)

  10. your needle case is beautiful and such a sweet fabric too.

    wishing you a lovely week

    warmest hugs xxx


  11. Hello lovely! I can't believe you didn't let me know about your blog before. I love it, though am kind of freaked out that your 'about me' post, could be word for word, about me! (Except I've been with my bloke 13 years).

    I love the needle case, is it from Cath K's 'Sew'? It's on my list of things to do (ever lengthening).Come and see me at

    I haven't put any craft up yet (that's on Facebook) but there is plenty of vintage loveliness X

  12. Hi Sarah, have just discovered your blog. I love the needlecase - I really should make one as my needles are just tucked into random reels of thread, waiting to stab me when I plunge my hand in. A job for tomorrow I think!


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