Saturday, 29 January 2011

Spring flowers, seeds and some lovely fabric

Hello, I hope that you are all keeping warm on this very cold day! Honestly, walking through the park to the shops, even with gloves, hat, scarfs etc. all we wanted to do was get the bus... freezing.

So in my quest to try and get Spring to hurry up and arrive I wanted to share with you a lovely flower photo. I couldn't resist buying these beautiful bright tulips, especially as they are pink and yellow which is my favorite flower colour combination... and it's the first time that I have used my flea market find vase which I think I bought for a bargainous £2.50 or thereabouts...

There must have been some sort of green fingered moment going on when I bought these tulips because I was also seduced by the hyacinths and all the lovely packets of seeds in the supermarket (4 for 3, another bargain, hehe!).

I decided to get 2 types of chilli plant (my favourite veggie to grow, so easy and I love the fact that you can pick them and just leave them to dry out on the windowsill to get even hotter), sweet peas and oregano.

Here is a piccie of some gorgeous fabric that I bought recently with such cute little pictures and words on it - another one that I am almost tempted to frame!

Cakes, baskets, sewing machine, favourite dress, straw hat, flowers... sewing box and knitting.... I love homemade... make do and mend... just says it all really, very very sweet!

I hope that you are all having lovely weekends



  1. What a lovely spring-y post! Your tulips look so lovely in the beautiful vase, and that fabric is just gorgeous, I love the little words all over it. It's absolutely freezing here too! Have a great weekend and keep cosy!

  2. Very cute fabric, I just had a load from ebay arrive today including some with chickens on (getting in early for Easter). Tulips are lovely, although they do have a mind of their own - mine always go crazy and snaky after a few days!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    your flowers look gorgeous its amazing how having tulips and dafs in the house make it so much brighter. I can't wait for the warmer weather i just cant seem to stay warm at the moment. Lovely fabric to. Dee x

  4. wow, lovely fabric and gorgeous tulips, spring is on the way.

  5. I adore that fabric, I too would probably not want to cut it up!!
    Tulips!! They are my most favoutite flower, your look so lovely, don't Tulips just make you so happy?
    You too have a lovely weekend,
    Andrea x

  6. Pretty flowers - I love tulips - and I've got that vase too!! LOVE the material :)

  7. I love having a bunch of tulips in the house at this time of year,I have yellow ones on the mantlepiece right now.
    That material would look lovely framed.
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday! :0)

  8. Lovely fabric! I stocked up on seeds the other day too. Roll on Spring :) x

  9. Love that fabric, so sweet, where did you get it? The tulips are also lovely, so bright and cheerful! jenny xx

  10. Tulips are gorgeous and definitely evoke dreams of spring. They look lovely in your thrifty jug. It's hot and summery here. Beach weather and I love it! (that was awful to rub it in wasn't it?!)

  11. What a lovely 'Spring is on it's way' post, pretty flowers and gorgeous fabric. Your not really going to cut it up are you? :) x

  12. what a lovley bright and cheery post. I love the fabric - I would so frame it. Can I ask where you got it? Michelle

  13. Love your lovely post! And the cute fabric too! The tulips look fabulous, love it!
    Have a fabulous Sunday!
    LS, xxx

  14. Lovely tulips and lovely fabric!

    Shirl x

  15. Hello everyone, thank you for your lovely comments! For those of you who asked where the fabric was from, I bought it from Ebay, from a shop called The Fabric Garden. Sarah x

  16. Love the flowers - I got some Tulips too on my blog today - they are the most cheerful looking flower!!


  17. What a cheerful blog, so happy to have found this on an overcast day. Look forward to visiting again

  18. Gorgeous tulips! I am looking forward to spring! I would love to grown my own vegetable! This sounds so fun! ~Val

  19. Hi Sarah, it's so nice to come across your blog. Your flowers and seeds give me hope that Spring is around the corner, it's SO cold here too right now! I LOVE that fabric, everything I love too. Catherine x

  20. Lovely, lovely flowers, Sarah! Cheered me up! And the fabric is so pretty, and oh how would I love a pink sewing machine :)

    Have a happy day!


  21. Hello. It's the first time I have visited your blog and I already love it! Off for a proper read through now x

  22. Looks like I'm not the first to discover you this week. I came here via Faith Hope and Charity shops. Love what i see so far.
    I was reading through your 'about me' and i thought - that's all me (except for the knitting)
    I'm sorry to tell you that i also have the hens and the view of mountains and sheep, but i too used to live in London, then in the centre of Dublin, and now in the mountains. I would recommend it. It's never too late you know.
    I'm going to try and save your archives until later but i bet i won't. Keep up the good work, hope your a regular poster.
    Amazing linen fabric BTW. Is it new or old?

  23. Just discovered your blog, gorgeous! Those tulips are beautiful and I like that fabric. I am living in Australia so we are dealing with heat rather then cold, so trying to bring refeshing cool greenery inside. G


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