Sunday, 6 March 2011

Car Boot Sale and some Jammy Biscuits

Hello everyone...

I was chuffed to bits a few days ago when I spotted this set of blue stripey crockery in a charity shop. It is not the true proper Cornishware that I completely adore and have always wanted a complete set of everything of... it actually says Tesco on the bottom, but the beauty is that I got everything for a bargainous £7.50! That's 4 dinner plates, 4 bowls, 2 bigger bowls and 4 mugs...much better than what the other plates that we have had for ages...

To celebrate I have made some lovely jammy biscuits to go with them which I would highly recommend because they are delicious and SO easy and quick, especially if you whizz them in a food processer. The recipe can be found here

Last weekend I went to the Battersea Car Boot Sale with my fellow bargain hunter pal from Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping. (Who is a huge appreciator of all things vintage and is very good at spotting bargains!)

That particular Sunday afternoon, it was raining - not just a little bit but constant cold rain that didn't stop at all... however, we braved the elements and did not even have an umbrella between us - how hardcore is that!?

So it was not as busy as usual however I did pick up a few little treausures...

A 'Golden Shred' pepper pot for 50p...

A lovely candle holder with a handle and little compartment at the side to hold matches... this was £2

A sweet rabbit ornament, for free! (The nice car boot lady added it to the bag when we bought some gorgeous jam pots for £5...)

And a Poole Pottery egg cup for 50p...

I also bought a couple of skirts which were made of colourful fabric which a hope to use for a sewing project of some sort - haven't decided what yet!

I hope that you are all having good weekends!



  1. I'm so loving that blue and white dinner wear - great find! I have a blue thing going on in my kitchen so would have snapped that lot up too. Great bootsale finds too :o) Scarlett x

  2. Very nice 'mock' Cornishware! - the supermarkets sometimes come up trumps, don't they? - and even better to get it thrifted! Yummy looking biccies! Enjoy your week! Abby x

  3. Hiya lovely, ooh yes that crockery looks lovely (as do the biscuits). All our bootsale bargains definitely look better dry!

  4. Wow i love that blue and white dinnerware what a bargin it looks like the real thing ;-) Those biscuits look yummy to, have a lovely week, dee x

  5. I love all your finds - you did really well to find the blue stripy set for such a bargainous price (a wonderful word, too, that I like to use as much as possible!) The biscuits look truly yummy! Have a great week.
    Helen x

  6. ooooo yummy biccies, they look mmmmmm

  7. The blue and white is lovely,just as nice as the Cornishware,and a bargain to boot!
    Snapped up a 'Shelley' plate for five pounds today...very chuffed with myself. :0)

  8. Wow, Sarah you made out like a bandit! Great finds and I love the blue Cornishware. Lucky day for you, xoRobin❤

  9. Great finds - especially the blue/white crockery. I'd love something like that for our kitchen.

    No boot sales round here for another month or so - looking forward to them starting.

  10. You've got some real bargains the blue and white pottery.

  11. Oh your biscuits look so yummy! I love your finds, they're really cute!!!

  12. Oh I just adore that blue and white crockery it looks fab!! You certainly have an eye for a bargain! x

  13. What wonderful finds!!! I love how the candle holder accomodates matches too! ~Val

  14. I love it all... I must get myself to a boot sale very soon. Love the candle holder and all the dinner wear. Thanks for that easy peasy recipe too. xox have a great week xox

  15. I want to go to the Battersea car boot sale now! What beautiful finds you have. I Love the golden shred' pepper pot, it is very cute. Also comign from a fellow sewer it is always great to find new fabric. Lovely blog. B:)

  16. Great finds. Love the blue and white - who's going to know it's by Tesco!

    Must look up that biscuit recipe, they look delicious!


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