Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rainy days and a courgette in the garden

Hello bloggers, yes it has been almost one whole month since my last post I am ashamed to say, and can honestly say that I am not sure how this has happened! What with this and that going on, it seems that the hands of time have been working overtime...

Anyway... I hope that you are having good weekends. We have had constant rain all day today which has not been too bad be honest as I have had no need whatsoever to step outside the house today - not even to Sainsburys Local! Don't you just love the sound of the rain (and thunder!) when you are indoors? So good for the garden. I really am in 'garden mode' at the moment - as I usually am this time of the year!

I am very chuffed to report that I have my very own first time ever home grown courgette!

These little blighters really do take up a lot of space in the garden but to think that I can pluck my courgette from my humble patio is very exciting, and also extremely useful too as otherwise I would definitely have had to make the journey to Sainsburys Local today to pay a whole pound for a shop bought one instead! 

I saw this recipe in Zest magazine this morning and think it looks quite nice, so in the pot Mr Courgette will go this evening...

I also spotted a flower on one of my chilli plants... just a little white one but also very exciting all the same!

It really is rainy right now...

Good job we covered the BBQ (A few too many times we have left it out to get drenched in the rain.... not this time! :) hehe)

I've discovered the art of making Yo Yos! This little crafty project is a brilliant way of using up odd scraps of fabric and buttons and creating colourful combinations, I love it...

They are so easy to make - all you do is cut out a circle of fabric and losely stitch a running stitch around the edge of the fabric. When you have sewn all the way around, you pull on the thread and the outside of the fabric gathers into the middle to make a Yo Yo flower shape. Then you just sew your button in the middle and there you have it!

The perfect way to make use of any lovely buttons...

I hope that you are keeping dry and enjoy the rest of your weekends



  1. Welcome back Sarah!!!
    Its very wet and windy here today too!
    Your veggie plants are looking like they are loving this wet weather - they look so green and healthy.
    Congrats on your first courgette! Mine still way to go. Thanks for sharing that recipe too.
    Sweet little yo yos - they are such fun to make aren't they?
    Gill xx

  2. Hello - I've missed you! But then your garden is looking infinitely better than mine so I guess it's been worth it. Mr Courgette is a hefty looking chap, leave it any longer and he'd have been Mr Marrow.

    Cute little fabric wotsits, I've not heard them called yoyos before, I think I knew them as suffolk puffs? Or is that some kind of cracker to have with cheese? Anyway, they're very sweet, would make cute hairclips for a little girl.


  3. Welcome back! The one courgette I had growing on my plant rotted but there are still big flowers so I'm hopeful (maybe wrongly so!). Well done for growing yours and enjoy eating it :) x

  4. Welcome back. I too get very excited about my patio veg, I've had 3 courgettes and 8 strawberries, I don't think the local green grocer has anything to worry about just yet.xx

  5. Welcome back, Sarah! I loved your green and rainy garden pictures today. Your plants are certainly thriving! The courgette is very delicious looking, I'm sure it will make a lovely meal tonight. Aren't yoyo's lovely little things to make? Yours look so pretty. I love making them as an extra for all sorts of projects - and of course the button in the middle is the perfect finish! Enjoy your week.
    Helen x

  6. Hello stranger :)

    I shall confess to only planting my courgette plants out into their tubs today - however they have plenty of flowers so hopefully they'll fruit soon. Very behind with my garden this year - hopefully the weather will turn nice and I'll get caught up very soon.

  7. Welcome back Sarah :) well your garden is obviously enjoying having a drink with all this rain, it all looks great!! Today has been utterly miserable here too but has been perfect granny square making weather! hehe. Have a great week xxx

  8. It's been pouring here too.Even Bella wasn't too keen on venturing out for her walk today!
    Luckily I managed to get all my plants potted up before the bad weather started.I'm sure you courgette dish was delicious.So much tastier when you've grown it yourself. :0)

  9. well done on your courgette it will taste amazing I am sure.

  10. Your garden looks so healthy and cheery! I love your Yo Yos. I enjoy making them too and wear them as brooches and hair clips. Have a lovely week :) Ames

  11. So lovely to see you back ;-) Time really does fly. Your pots are looking amazing and wow your courgette is huge well done you ;-)) Its always such a buzz to be able to pick and use what you have grown. Love the yo yo's there really cute, enjoy your week, dee x


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