Sunday, 28 November 2010

Exciting times in the haberdashery shop...

Hello lovely bloggers, I hope you are enjoying the weekend. My weekly trip to the local haberdashery yesterday saw me return with a lovely bag of goodies that I made me feel very happy!

Isn't it funny how fabric, buttons, threads, bells, and yes, even pipe cleaners, can have that sort of effect on you?

To be honest, I had not had such a great start to the day...what with my mind going over all those niggly life issues that one tends to have.... but a few little trinkets later and my spirits were lifted! 

Even this little stash of fat quarters left me struggling to contain myself, so in the basket they went with all the rest of the delights.

Ok, the patterns are not very Christmassy, and admittedly they more Spring-like rather than festive, with the little chintzy bright flowers.
 But hey, why not look at something non wintery for a change...

Anyway, moving swiftly back on to Christmassy things...and also  - The Pipe Cleaners!

How cute are these? So simple to make all you need to do is just twist the pipe cleaners around each other to make the candy cane stripes and shape. They are very soft too.

Not sure how long I loitered by the button section, probably a bit too long by normal standards.
Here are the little beauties that I found...

Along with some little bells....

Have a lovely rest of the weekend everyone and keep warm!

(No snow here in London as yet, the sun is out with blue sky but it's still very cold)


  1. Oh I get so excited about all the little things and I am totally in love with those bells, totally and utterly!
    My biggest boy is pipe cleaner obsessed and always making things out of them so these candy canes should keep him amused lol!

  2. I LOVE the candy canes...simple,yet so effective! :0)

  3. The candy canes are a great idea!

    I tend to go a little crazy when I go craft shopping. I end up coming home with lots of impulse buys. Oh well, you can never have enough craft supplies. Ames :)

  4. What a lovely haul. I know just what you mean. I always feel like a child in a candy shop everytime I find a good haberdashers.

  5. There is something special about collecting things for a creation. The anticipation, and shopping for beautiful things is half the fun I think.

  6. Hi, just poped in so say I love your blog, and the buttons are fab , I would love some to brighten a tweed Kirsty Alsop type coat I have ! will be back soon ,linda x

  7. Totally agree, it's so funny how little bits of fabric and ribbon can really cheer up a day! I love shopping for new fabrics, and always come home with something that wasn't actually on my list - sure it will come in useful one day though... and I love those pipe cleaners, what a very simple idea but so lovely and christmasy! xxx

  8. oh yeah i know just what you mean about shopping for crafty bits, also don't know about you but i kind of get withdrawal symptoms if i haven't bought something for a while!!!Have a Very Merry Christmas!! xx


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