Thursday, 14 April 2011

Forget Me Nots and other signs of Spring

Hello everyone,

I have to say my favourite things in the garden right now are my Forget Me Nots- I love them!

They are such a lovely shade of blue and though they are so small they are so perfectly formed. I love the way they spread so quickly too - I planted these from seed last year and they have raced around the garden like mad! Brilliant ground cover.

The blossom from the pear tree has come out too...

And also the yellow flowers from the bush behind it (not sure what it is called!)

My pink Clematis....

Not sure what this is called either but I love the shade of purple on these flowers....

I know this is called Broom!

Cath Kidston is having a one day sale today, offering 15% off everything...

How cute are these?!

I hope you are all having good weeks.
Not long until the weekend, yay!



  1. Love your photo's, the yellow bush is Gorse, very common British native, Is lovely I think, it is a relative of the broom, Cant help you on the purple one though!

  2. I love this time of year, your garden is lovely. Thanks also for the Cath Kidston Sale heads up I'm off there now. Hey you're odds on favourite for the Vintage Bunting GIVEAWAY, I'm doing, tee hee, good luck!!

  3. Great pics, if only my garden was as colourful! Scarlett x

  4. Your garden always looks pretty, mine is mostly being brightened up by dandelions at the moment! However I am very excited that this year the (newly identified) quince tree is covered in blossom! Last year we had one fruit - never seen it blossom before so didn't know what it was - I am hopeful for lots of quinces this year.

  5. Wow, your pink clematis is out early - I think the blue flower is a little clematis too - Blubird? Your garden's looking great! Abby x

  6. So pretty, love to see all the different flowers blooming at the min, not that I've got that many in my garden, it's looking a bit sparse except for my flower pots! xx

  7. Lovely photo's the gardens are looking real pretty right now. I have lots of the forget me nots to i agree its so pretty and such a lovely shade of blue. I really like those little knitted covers so very cute. Enjoy the rest of your week to, dee x

  8. Hi Sarah. Thanks for sharing all those lovely photos of your garden. As I don't have a garden to call my own it is lovely admiring other peoples gorgeous flowers xx

  9. I love forget me knots too. They're so delicate x

  10. Your flowers are so pretty! Love the sweet forget me nots! That yellow bush is gorgeous! We don't have those where I am. ~Val


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