Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thank you Blueberry Heart! Spring Swap parcel...

Thank you sooo much to the very lovely Blueberry Heart for my gorgeous and thoughtful Spring Swap parcel that I received last week (and sorry for the delayed post-Easter post! )

Everything was so beautifully wrapped with lots of gorgeous colours which I love :))

Which I opened to reveal all these wonderful goodies...!

First of all a little note in a cupcake card...

Isn't this a delicious picture?

I just adore this Happy Easter sign which I will treasure for ever...

 Very cute stickers I love them!

This gorgeous little notebook and pen is now sitting proudly by our home phone - I now have a much more  attractive and tidy phone area now... (I just had a few biros and some post its before hehe)

Beautiful handmade card and heart which is now sitting on my bookcase with all my other little treasures...

Now, this is very me... I love these seeds! And most of all I absolutely adore these little markers, aren't they cute? And such a good idea... to be planted this afternoon!

I did a 'Yay!!' when I opened these... little butterfly outdoor lights and I have been meaning to buy some of these for ages too.... they were lovingly placed over my lavender bush last Friday when we had our first barbecue of the summer. Beautiful.

And I had a few of these lovely Eastery decoupage shapes strewn around the house too... to be stored away until next year and lots of Easters to come...

Also included were some yummy Easter egg choccies all beautifully wrapped in multi-coloured wrapping.... however they were so nice they have been eaten already before I could take a pic! (not just by me I might add there are other offenders involved whose names I will not mention...).

Thank you very much Blueberry Heart and also Jackie at Sew Special Bears for organizing another fab swap!

Not long now till the big day... enjoy the long weekend!



  1. Ooh what lovely goodies - you lucky thing! Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. what lovely goodies, what a lucky ducky :o) Scarlett x

  3. You are lucky, they are beatiful swap gifts. xx

  4. Hiya hon - love the homemade heart and the little seed markers, lucky you! I did get some magazines in the post today though ;-)

  5. What wonderful gifts you received!!! Enjoy them all! AND mostly Enjoy the Royal Wedding, I'll be watching too. xoRobin❤

  6. Wow - you received some really lovely treats in that swap! I liked your little key ring there too! Have a great time this weekend!
    Helen x

  7. What a great parcel, you are very lucky and Blueberry Heart a real star.

  8. aawww what a lovely parcel those little lights are so pretty. Enjoy your weekend, dee xx

  9. What lovely things! Hope you have a great weekend xo

  10. Hi Sarah! Sooooo pleased you liked your swap goodies - I really enjoyed putting it together for you.
    Thanks too for your lovely emsil; you've been a really fab swap buddy!!!

    BH xxx

  11. What wonderful goodies!! I love the flower markers. Such a cute idea. Those butterfly lights must look wonderful lit up on a summer night. ~Val

  12. Hi - I'm a new follower of your blog!

    Love your spring swap goodies! I'm currently taking part in my first swap at the moment... exciting stuff!

  13. It works very good and creative,,


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