Sunday, 17 October 2010

Day at Columbia Road

Had a fab day today at the Columbia Road Flower Market... can't believe I have been living in London all this time and never ventured here before! It has a wonderful array of plants and flowers all being sold in stalls along the street. If you get there later on in the day it's a great place to grab a bargain, and they have some great little vintage type shops along the way too...

I noticed there was a bit of a Halloweeny theme going on in some places!


AND, I went to visit a lovely little fabric shop on the same street called Beyond Fabric, it has some gorgeous stuff in there, I could have bought the lot! I didn't though... just some lovely snowman fabric and some spotty fabric.

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  1. I love this area too, I discovered it for the first time recently and have now been twice. I loved the fabric shop and the Vintage shop. I did a posting about it too a few weeks back.
    Ann x


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