Saturday, 30 October 2010

New shoots

Good morning! I am very happy this morning. I bought an Orchid plant this spring - it was lovely when I bought it, covered in beautiful pink flowers. Over time (well, a few days to be exact) the flowers fell off, and the stem turned into a brown, lifeless little twig, and while the leaves still remained green, I was certain that it was a gonner. Nevertheless, I have continued to water the poor thing occasionally, and a few days ago I moved it upstairs to the lightest room in the house.

Anyway, I gave it a little check over earlier, and what I initially thought was just a root was actually a fresh new stem. Hurrah! (it's the one to the left facing outwards) No flowers unfortunately but there is now hope! Orchids are so tricky to care for aren't they? I have mine in a clear pot as I have been told by a friend that they like their roots to be exposed to light.

Have a lovely weekend everyone



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  1. Orchids really are amazing when they flower, and lovely how they're long lasting. It's an exercise in patience waiting for it to bloom though. Perhaps that's also what makes them so special!


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